Shantell Price

jcjay92 5 years, 2 months ago on Program to help college students’ parents apply for financial aid

First and for most let me say that I do not feel that it is my parents responsibility to do anything for me. Everything my parents have done for me is because they have wanted to. I do not appreciate how I am being betrayed as a lazy individual because my parents want to help me pay my way through college to better myself so I will not have to live paycheck to paycheck. I do in fact plan to work as a CNA through college and the Health Sciences program at Nichols Career Center has allowed me to do so. My parents, neither do I, want me to have to spend years paying off finacial loans and I appreciate their help and support very much, not everyone has parents like mine to be such a strong support system and I am very grateful for them. I have set goals and plans for my life and I have been given the opportunity to achieve them because of my determination and help from my parents, it is a team effort not just them doing all the work and providing all of my tution money.