hystericallyMad 4 years, 4 months ago on Mo. lottery director targeted by apparent scam

For those that are interested: 419eater.com

check out the letters archive for some high-quality entertainment. I recommend the archive of "crusade to fetish village". it is amazing what these scammers can themselves be scammed into doing.


hystericallyMad 4 years, 5 months ago on Cause undetermined for fire that destroyed Jefferson City apartment building

While I too am glad to see that this home is no longer, it is for different reasons. My reasoning is the lack of upkeep that the landlords (edit: slumlords) perform. If this property was located anywhere else, there surely would be lights replace to light the area well for the tenants at the minimum, not to mention upkeep of heating and cooling units, appliances, electrical, etc. Here is a good question that you may be able to answer. Was the building up to code? Or better. I bet this was a section 8 approved housing. Did it meet the standards to receive these government subsidies? Obviously well enough to burn!

What we all should really be thinking about is not ethnicity as you describe with "thug life". What should be of concern is "family". Violence, drugs, or the lack thereof should not play a factor in the sympathy and compassion our community should show. Regardless, there are families that are displaced due to a fire. Some are families with children.

Let me ask you something. Is it the children's fault that their families no longer have a home? Is it the children's fault that they are being raised in these conditions? My answer, absolutely not. So this 'thug life' you mention is exactly that. A way of life. Just because you do not agree with this particular lifestyle doesn't mean you have to be heartless.

I bet if you offered any one of those mothers that lost their home your residence in trade for giving up the "thug life" they would oblige graciously. Some people just are not presented with the opportunity to lead what you would deem "the good life" with "good" people. Some of these people (those children without homes now) are raised in this condition and have no choice in the matter.

While you are entitled to your opinion, it is a prime example of what is wrong with our society. I wish you the best and pray that you are never in a situation where you must choose to raise your children in a slum due to inequalities that our society has come to accept as ‘reasonable conditions’ for those living the “thug life”.