hope4good 2 years, 9 months ago on Officials announce Mo. inaugural schedule

Nixon and Obama are already in office. Why go to the expense of inaugurating them or any incumbent who is re-elected? Guess it could be a pretty big ego-trip for some and is legislated. And leave state employees alone - think road safety, clean drinking water, child protection, legal issues, etc. The list is long and I am grateful for all they do. No group is perfect, but most do good work.


hope4good 3 years, 10 months ago on Father shares story of son’s death from heroin to effect change

Thank you, Jim. Cody's death and the deaths of others due to drug use must be addressed by our community as a whole. Your courage in speaking out is something more of us should do - from our kids who know who drug dealers are, to parents who notice a change in their child, to law enforcement, medical, and educational professionals who can help identify the users and expose the suppliers, to the pawn shop owners who purchase (likely) stolen valuables in exchange for cash to buy drugs, and others with knowledge - all must speak up. This silent killer must be exposed. There can be no shame or secrecy. Addiction is a disease and those who are sick deserve treatment. May God bless your family with comfort and peace. Your sadness and loss of a loved one through addiction could happen to any of us at any time.