gsbcmo 3 years, 9 months ago on Lake strip club owner pleads guilty to illegal firearms

Kudos to the Feds for busting a felon in possession of guns and ammo. The law is the law.

BUT thumbs down to the NT editors for the opening of the story. The first sentence implies that it is illegal to own 31 guns. You should have lead off with the second sentence instead of your implied lead that owning too many guns is illegal.


gsbcmo 3 years, 9 months ago on Mo. retailer who sold to Co. shooter getting backlash

JMO, I would consider having limits placed on my 2nd Amendment Rights for how much and when I can buy ammo when you let me put limits on your 1st Amendment Rights to spout off with ideas like these.

You all need to read the words in the story. The company says " the urban assault vest is not bulletproof, but is simply a vest made for carrying accessories.". That means NOT ARMORED.


gsbcmo 3 years, 10 months ago on Dock electrical systems should be inspected periodically

Newspapers are reporting this tragedy as if it were an accident. This was no accident, this was negligence and incompetence at it's height. These were homicides, death due to negligence. Negligence of the dock owner, negligence from the dock builder, negligence from the dock installer, negligence of the dock permit issuer, negligence of the county, negligence of the state. There is enough negligence to go around so far that no one is responsible. Most of these parties don't know what is safe or not safe.

Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) equipped docks are REQUIRED by the National Electrical Code. GFI's must be installed and properly functioning. Not because some book says so, but because they prevent this from happening.

Union Electric, as an electric utility is required to comply and enforce the NEC. But where is their inspection program?

The article seems to blame the fire departments for not inspecting this dock. Fire Departments are not qualified or equipped to inspect for electrical issues.

Do these counties have uniform building codes? Do these counties have building inspection programs? If not, why not?

What about the state? UE is a state and federal regulated utility. Who is responsible for assuring that UE complies with it's responsibilities? The Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Commission.

Dock owners, when was the last time you had your dock inspected? Is your dock safe? Will your children, grandchildren or you be the next one to discover a faulty electrical system on your dock?

UE owns the lake and controls the permit process to operate a dock on their lake. EVERY permit should be voided until every dock is electrically certified by a QUALIFIED electrician.