gsbcmo 3 years ago on Dave Nichols takes over MoDOT

Once again, the Highway and Transportation Commission shoots itself in the foot and the citizens of Missouri in the head. By again naming someone who is a product if the incestuous environment of MoDOT to lead that sick old cow of a department is a waste. Our roads are broke, the department has no direction, and nothing ever changes. How is someone who, by his own admission, has spent his entire career at MoDOT going to turn it around. His great scheme of reducing the staff was great, but the wrong people were let go. Headquarters and District offices are still bloated with people educated beyond their intelligence who shuffle paper and call it production. They spend millions of dollars making plans and studies for projects that never get done. How many studies have been done for I-70? Who much did they cost? When they do fix something or build something, it is subpar or outdated before it's ever completed, so they spend even more money to fix it that it cost to build it. When the do make a repair they use bandaids instead of fixing the root problem and wonder why they are back to the same place next year. They make unqualified people into inspectors to monitor contractors so the contractors get away with anything. Why, so the engineers don't have to take the responsibility for the poor quality of material and workmanship.

Well get ready Missouri, we need to spend more money to fix what won't be fixed for people that don't know how to fix.


gsbcmo 3 years, 4 months ago on Mo. Gov. Nixon opposes guns in school

At some locations, QT convenience stores provide an office space for use by police officers. They utilize them as a place for to do paper work.

Why not provide space at each school for p o's to do the same, there by providing a constant rotating police presence at schools. Win - Win. The constant turnover of black and whites would be a good deterrent.


gsbcmo 3 years, 4 months ago on OSHA cites postal service in Mo. carrier’s death

Jackson County prosecutor should file manslaughter charges against the supervisor who is responsible for this man's death.


gsbcmo 3 years, 5 months ago on Mo. won’t run health insurance exchange by 2014

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gsbcmo 3 years, 7 months ago on Our Opinion: No seal of approval for 'tell-all' maneuver

Common decency would not have had our Commander in Chief making political hey from the sacrifice of the Seals. While no DIRECT evidence is available that Obama's naming of Seal Team Six lead to the retribution of shooting down their helicopter, it certainly smells like it to me. Maybe "Owen" wanted the truth to come out, not the self serving version from the white house. Of course the TRUTH means nothing to you coolade drinkers at the Snooze Bafoon.


gsbcmo 3 years, 8 months ago on Supreme Court rejects survivors’ MOSERS claim

Dear staff writer, This is a most confusing story. What was the relationship between the claimants and the employee and what was the basis for their claim? Do your job a little better.


gsbcmo 3 years, 8 months ago on Deadline nears for Mo. candidates to withdraw

A decision now by Todd Akin to remain in the race would guarantee a McCaskle reelection. Mr. Akin demonstrated the height of stupidity not only for the ignorance of his opinion but his own lack of common sense in voicing something so stupid. To remain in the race now will only show that he cares more for his own position and not for what is best for the people of this State.

Quit now Todd for all our good. You can't win and Claire has got to be defeated.


gsbcmo 3 years, 8 months ago on City seeks conference center plans in October

Sounds to me like you pig headed JCites are finally accepting an idea that was floated 10 years ago by the Hammon Group. What's the matter, you couldn't tolerate that an idea from an outsider was right then but you reinvent it and claim it now as your own?

If you had accepted it when Hammon wanted to build it then, you would already have had it and prospered for 10 years by the business. But oh no, the greedy cabal that runs downtown is more interested in their own skins, not the betterment of the community.


gsbcmo 3 years, 9 months ago on Missouri voters to decide on prayer measure

Sounds to me like it will put a stop to mandatory sex ed in grade schools, discussions of same sex marriage in schools and pro anything else the secular left crams down our throats.