gettingthere 3 years, 3 months ago on City defends hiring actions

The mayor is concerned??? Shouldn't he have included or at least consulted about the hire/promotion??? I agree with Gotigers...1st we have the drunk or drugged city admin, now we have a brazen "do what I want" city admin.

If my memory serves Rasmussen was given 2 or 3 strikes before resignation. This is strike 2 for Nickolas, I wonder if his days are numbered????


gettingthere 3 years, 3 months ago on Airplane concerns stall Mo. cabinet nominee

I am not blindly supporting this decision, but as a DPS employee, I know first hand that when the Governor travels, he does so in MSHP vehicles and aircraft. Just as the President travels in Secret Service vehicles or Air Force/Marine aircraft. The current King Air is not new. I have sat in it, I'm 6'4" and believe me it is not comfortable for people of a certain size.

I would think being budget mindful, certain people should have reviewed the used market, but that obviously is not OUR decision, it was approved by OA, and presumably the someone from the Governors office new about it.

If you really want to be critical of the new plane, be critical of the need for the numerous trips the Governor and his security detail take.

When was the last major purchase the Patrol made on Aircraft? How much was it? New or Used?


gettingthere 3 years, 3 months ago on Fantastic finish propels Blair Oaks to 52-40 win

Is it just me, or does the capitalization of Propels signify that a player named Propels be on the team? If that were the case, the title should be changed. In this case the word "propels" is a verb. When are verbs possessive?

I must add a caveat here that I am not a wordsmith, and should not be considered as such.

Talk about pet peeves! This is a local article, and still there are errors in proofreading. The excuse that "we just copy the AP story" and don't check for spelling, is nauseating at best.


gettingthere 3 years, 3 months ago on Area woman dies from injuries in crash

Okay I have to point out that someone is wrong with the location of the accident. The photo by Julie Smith clearly shows the Neighorn Creek bridge near Rt CC. The article, local radio stations, and KRCG quote the Patrol as saying the accident occurred at the Moreau River. If you are familiar with the area, you have to notice the photo. Julie does an excellent job of getting the trees and bridge railings in the photo detailing the ACTUAL location

My prayers are with the family. So much for safety improvements to that intersection.


gettingthere 3 years, 5 months ago on Girl Scouts learn basics of safety

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gettingthere 3 years, 5 months ago on Were voters too fatigued to mark ballots on annexation?

I agree. I voted no believing the city would eventually prevail, only to find that my vote actually counted for something I believe in. The current system, if it fails 1, then try for 2, is flawed in favor of the city. 2/3rds vote in the majority to pass is overwhelming for the area considering annexation. The odds are stacked against them. I should know, my subdivision was annexed this way in 2007. It failed overwhelmingly in the 4th ward in round 1, only to be gobbled up by the entire city in the next election.


gettingthere 3 years, 8 months ago on Council looks to address public trust in government

Thank you Councilman Pope for apologizing, and refocusing your political career - to your constituents.

Although I am not in your Ward - I accept your apology.

Councilwoman Carroll???


gettingthere 3 years, 8 months ago on Council looks to address public trust in government

Trust is not lost overnight. There have been audible and visual cracks in the system for years. Comments from the council regarding annexation and taxes to JeffTran and movement of citywide mulch site, have angered residents for years. No one wanted to believe or listen to the voters back then, seems a bit rich to put all this on Nickolaus' head now. Granted Nickolaus has been intregal in many of these meetings and decisions, but why is he the only one being investigated? I bet if the council were really serious about "restoring trust" they should the honest thing...apologize and ask for forgiveness for violating our trust in the first place.

Doubtful any politician will understand that last sentence.


gettingthere 3 years, 8 months ago on Missouri River Regional Library seeks 10-cent levy increase

RobHunterJohnson: Have you seen the total of what the city "earns" in a year? Have you seen the individual budget totals for each department and what they are expected to spend on replacement equipment? I sure haven't. Nor have I heard from any city employee, namely the mayor or councilmember, stand up and say - the equipment needed to do this job takes this amount of money, and it takes this amount of money to staff people who can competently run this equipment.

If the authorities in their respectful departments, the mayor or council will honestly and justifibly say what needs to be said, I am sure our wonderful citizens would stand behind tax increases, just like they stood behind the expansion of the YMCA.

I will ask again...will you support a sales tax to fund Community Development? How about JCPD?

Lets get rid of property taxes altogether and fund this city on sales taxes!!!! Anyone and everyone who visits or resides in this great town will pay their fair share once and for all!!!