fromstltojc 3 years, 1 month ago on Voters defeat both Jefferson City school issues

it's sad that when it comes to education, there is every excuse in the world to not fund it. had this been a vote for a new highschool football stadium, it would have passed. citizens would have 'found' money to pay for it. don't believe me, look at the highschool field and its facilities. we baulk at giving raises to our educators but then we blame them for the students' failures. i read that someone says that the governor should be the highest paid state worker and now wants to create a bill that says no state worker should be paid more. who goes to bat for the educator? to me, that is where the money should be going. we suffer because some where some body (bodies) decided to redfine common sense by saying 'what's common to me may not be common to you' and now all you see is stupidity coming from leadership. raising taxes is not going to fix anything. you end up raising taxes again to cover up the over spending from the last tax increase. i don't mean to rant and rave. i am just sick and tire of being sick and tired of bs and its different looks. let's go back to the drawing boards and do the things that worked. we need folks that don't mind setting budgets and making it work no matter what. we need folks to understand that a dollar is only worth the paper that it is printed on. we need for our leaders to do the things that they said they woudl do when we elected them. they make a lot of promises to get the position and then punk out when it's time to roll of their sleeves and do some hard work for a change. if there is a need for a second or a new highschool, draft plan that is in the best interest of the students and not for those that will fight later for naming rights. you know that would have been the next waste of time to hit the ballots. again, common sense is more common than some leaders give credit to it. my suggestion would be to USE IT. again, i don't mean to rant and rave but I am just fed up. i am purchasing a home and tired of paying for what is always being blamed on the economy. common sense will fix all things. greed and selfishness is why we are where we are! good to all!