brittni parker

eyesopen 4 years, 5 months ago on Cause undetermined for fire that destroyed Jefferson City apartment building

Seems that some of you posting these comments need to reflect on self and learn to have compassion. Unconditionally. "HystericallyMad" says it well, that sort of thinking is EXACTLY what is wrong with society today. It makes no difference what "type" of people lived in this building. That is irrelevant. They are still people like you and I. People that have suddenly lost everything they had and could have lost their lives. It's tragic and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed that you've jumped so quickly to such a judgmental conclusion. Unless you knew each and every one of them personally, the way i see it, you have no right to categorize everyone as "Thugs" or anything of the sort. "Those type of people", in my eyes, are people like you. Ignorant and self righteous. Perhaps the day mankind no longer relies on such inimical thinking, detesting complete strangers on the basis of, well nothing, the world could be a happier place. It's a shame, that's all i'm saying. Just my opinion. Someone will inevitably find something wrong in almost everything. So do what it is you do best and remember to have enough tolerance for two.