dontpullmychain 4 years ago on JC Schools talking with Lincoln, Linn State Tech about high school complex

Im afraid they will not allow a second public high school in Jefferson City no matter how badly it is needed IMO they will not let this happen as it will take revenue away from the current high school and the all mighty athletic dept. I fear for my fourth son getting ready to hit the high school as non of my other 3 boys made it out with a diploma. My third son in fact told us after the fact that each day he showed up to school and asked for help from teachers that on a dailey basis more than one teacher told him to drop out of school when he turned 16 as he wouldnt make it and they didnt have time to hold his hand. I understand the teachers have a very hard job and have lots of students to deal with and try to help but I feel they could of went about that situation differently MUCH differently. IMO there are too many students per teacher and our kids are not going to get all the opportunties they need in this kind of environment this city needs a SECOND high school and thats just plain and simple. These are just my opinions but I am absolutely sure I am not the only who feels this way.