dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on How a cat parasite can affect your brain

Guess Nature didn't read the rules for posting on here. WOW such hatred being spewed from your post and you call yourself a advocate of nature.

It took you 15 years to figure out what to do about an infestation of cats? Why so long?


dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on Our Opinion: Keep focus on key issues for secondary education

They could also add some statistics on the before and after performance of the students of those school districts that added academies.


dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on Our Opinion: Keep focus on key issues for secondary education

There is the cost of the bond issue and then the cost of the additional personal(7 principals and the staff that they need) on our property tax. A extra three hundred dollars a year may not seem like much to the lawyers, business owners and other elites in this town but it's more than enough on top of what we already pay for JC School tax to put the rest of us in a bind.


dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on Lincoln, Linn Tech agree to buy Jefferson City High School complex

Does anyone know how the ballot for the school bond election will be worded?

IMO, I feel that they need an official vote on this issue and not just a survey of a few. A decision this magnitude should be decide by the people.

I found this on the website wanting two high schools and even on the newjchs website.

"a survey conducted in 2011 revealed "a second public high school was favored by 48 percent of respondents," out-polling two other proposals to keep just one campus."

The decision of the people should be the final vote.

Should the ballot read like the survey and have the choices that were on the survey be given and the majority wins?

According to the survey forty eight percent is a majority that want the two high schools.

I also looked at the new jchs website. No one has mentioned how much the additional personal that will need to be hired is going to cost us on our taxes besides the bond issue for the school. This is going to be an expensive undertaking and I personally do not want the extra tax burden.


dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on 2 schools of thought

" Stop worrying about sports and start worrying about academics."

That is where my main concern is in the academy approach. I have yet to find an answer for this scenario.

You have two students coming into the academy. One chooses the science and technology academy the other chooses the English and arts academy.

Will both students receive the same basic instruction through the first two years of there time in the academy?


dokeus6 3 years, 4 months ago on What's next? Coverage for most Americans, a scramble for states

" They will not be on call anymore 24/7 except a few good ones." The only Doctors that I know of that are on call 24/7 anymore are specialists. When you call the Doctor, you either get a nurse that is on call or a Nurse Practitioner. Their decreasing salaries could be due to how high their costs are and what the insurance companies are going to pay.