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Two men wounded as chase ends in gun battle July 30, 2015


cynrb1955 2 years, 12 months ago on Ameren seeks coal ash landfill in Jefferson County

No, they just want us to sign over our paychecks directly to them since they already get a big chunk of it & want more with their proposed rate hikes!!!


cynrb1955 2 years, 12 months ago on cynrb1955

It wouldn't be so bad if Ameren were asking for an increase because they needed it, however, when a company pays out the amount that has been paid to it's CEO's and executives & then complains that they need it that's something else. We've been told by everyone to tighten our belts. When is Ameren going to do that? Not when they can run to the PSC every year & have all the money come out of our pockets!


cynrb1955 3 years ago on Mo. retailer who sold to Co. shooter getting backlash

The person responsible for this crime is getting ready to stand trial!!! You can't blame this business for selling these articles. Instead of blaming everyone else for the acts that these "loonies" perpetrate, blame the individual... HE is solely responsible!!


cynrb1955 3 years ago on Local hearings scheduled for Ameren rate case

My idea: Have some of the CEO's & share holders give back a little bit of those big salaries that are paid every year!! Every year they get millions & we the customers have to pay for it!! Maybe Ameren should consider tightening their belts a bit. If we have financial problems, try asking them for a little help! A few days later you'll see the man with the little hat at your meter turning it off!! It's time to take a stand against these carpetbaggers & stop them right now!


cynrb1955 3 years ago on Deaths blamed on heat climb in Missouri

When will our senators & representatives pass laws that protect the citizen (especially the old & infirm) from having their power disconnected in this state. Many other states have laws in place that if a person is elderly or medically in need of power (with a doctors statement) the utility companies are not allowed to turn off these peoples power at all. Ameren & their executives have posted very high profits over the last few years, yet they continue to raise costs to consumers every year. There should at least be consideration by these companies to provide power at a discount to those whose lives may be in danger should their heat & power be disconnected.


cynrb1955 4 years ago on Family: Woman, child missing

i know John & his wife. they probably thought that Brandy would be back on her own. To tell people about her mental capacity is to let people know that if they see her with the child, she might not be able to make the correct decisions regarding the child's welfare.


cynrb1955 4 years, 3 months ago on Obituary for Gordon Barnes

I am very sorry to hear about Gordon's passing. He spent so many days at the golf course when my mother and I used to work there. I remember many times Kevin coming to get him because it was time for him to come home. He was such a joy to be around with his happy attitude and friendly smile. He will be missed.


cynrb1955 4 years, 3 months ago on Public, PSC don’t agree on Ameren rate request

If Ameren was really concerned about the costs of their improvements they should consider not giving their CEO's big pay raises and bonuses. The PSC says that if they turn down a raise due to the economy, Ameren would have grounds to sue. I wonder how the reverse is not true. We the consumers cannot afford an 11 per cent rate increase due to the economy yet it seems that we are not considered in the proposal and hearings. If that is truly the case, then why have a meeting where the consumers voice their concerns if those concerns are not given any consideration?