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countyfactor 3 years, 11 months ago

It is about time that the council put a tax issue on the ballot that benefits everyone in our community, especially the ones who come to work, shop or visit. It is still clear that councilman Schultee and Brey prefer the Chamber of Commerce agenda than that of the people. They basically voted to keep higher taxes for me. I prefer to have my property taxes lowered because I can control my spending habits with a sales tax. And plus it is not going to really effect my net bottom line. And the people that are complaining about this sales tax but supported the Chambers it will be an average of .29 cents a day just using the same logic they did on their campaign what can you buy for .29 cents a day. The Chambers was .61 cents a day. It is my responsibility as a tax payer to support our public safety as much as possible and if this can help my fire department get to me quicker, better trained and equipped I support them. Count me as Yes.


JVicors 2 years, 9 months ago

Two thirds of the salary that is not taxable. Like my original post reads, shouldn't insurance and workers comp be paying this?


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