cjcrouse77 4 years, 8 months ago on Jefferson City Council approves festival district extension

Have beer gardens at special events, socials, town pic nics, county fairs,state fairs all drink there, SO how do you think people drinking there get home, yep they drive. So the difference is what the law makers attend and what they don't attend. Attend you get to drink and have live music, they dont attend no drink and no live music. So hey invite a politican to your next event and you have it made.


cjcrouse77 4 years, 8 months ago on cjcrouse77

I think the landowners knew what they were doing when they stopped taking care of the lake. They figured intervention and a new lake at no cost to them, home value down their vault. They want the lake let them pay for it and they should be fined for not taking care of it and letting it get to the point of damn failure where it could cause damage to other land owners.