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christopher_redbird 3 years ago

This is ridiculous. Haven't the administrators of this district ever heard of the "reasonable person standard?" No reasonable person would consider it proper to suspend this 9 year old for taking that tiny toy to school and playing with it. That is what 9 year old kids do. This could have been handled in such a more professional and reasonable way. Furthermore, none of us should accept the predictable fall back talking points like "this is to make the school safer". Suspending this 9 year old has done NOTHING to make our schools safer. The assertion is asinine, as was this suspension.


christopher_redbird 2 years, 11 months ago

A bill that would require law abiding citizens to lose their previously owned personal property? What are they thinking? That's not only a violation of second amendment rights, but also of our basic property rights and constitutional Ex Post Facto laws. They are attempting to pass through socialism and go directly to communism. The government, state or federal, has no business meddling with the property owned by private citizens. For the record, I am not an NRA member or a republican, but maybe I need to be with scary folks like Mr. Ellinger in office.


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