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centerguy56 3 years, 11 months ago

There is a lot of Misinformaton on this issue and other issues from the town hall. From what i can tell the broad concensus of those who have looked at the MSP project have indicated in printed reports that the main two projects that are needed at MSP are 1) Exterior renovations of Housing units 1,3, and 4. the estimate for the roofs, windows, masonry repair and tuckpointing and doors is 3.8m. 2) the road network for Lafayette to the extension of chestnut which as an estimated cost of 4m. the Housing Unit project would make the Tours much more viable and the roads would allow parcels identified in the Master plan to be accessed and therefor developable! they both need to be done ASAP to help create "critical Mass" in the development. The city needs to use the 2m identified in ST F for the joint road project with the county. then the city should appropriate as much of the $2.7m identified in sales tax F as transformation, ecomomic development and msp for that purpose and should do as much on the three building and possible. it is possible with this committment and an agreement from OA for a long term lease they may also contribute to the shortfall.


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