butteredup 3 years, 11 months ago on Continued state employees’ salaries study inches forward

I volunteered to assist with this committee... my own time, my own gas and away from my family. Whatever it would take to see this through. I've worked for the state 15 plus years. I knew when I took the job it didn't pay well however, I didn't think that someone coming in would make $100 less per month than I do after 15+ years. I am experienced and dedicated, something that is hard to find in the state employment realm anymore. They've raised the insurance costs and taken away benefits, our dental and vision plans are truly a joke. The only thing there is to "look forward" to is the increase in annual leave after 10 and 15 years, which increases from 10 to 12 to 14, respectively. Now, how can the Missouri legislation say they are putting forth effort when they rarely meet, don't take offers from employees willing to volunteer their time and make such comments as "“What we are trying to do with the interim committee now is see what your non-wage benefits are — your vacation, sick leave, insurance and that type of stuff.” That is a slap in my face.

It's unfortunte that the level of education, experience, professionalism and dedication it takes from a person proud of who they are and what they do, isn't even respected by the entity they do this for. Shame on you Jefferson City, shame on you! I would be interested in knowing why they continue to use funds to pay retired senators and other legislators monthly stipends, plus benefits that include familial coverage as well. Why do the willingly and free handedly give raises to this same group of people every year. Lets look at the salaries made by our Governor and legislators, lets determine where the cuts in state funding need to be. Let's re-evaluate the entire budget and eliminate FOOLISH spending.

I would love to see the state employees who perform their duties with respect and dignity, get their well-deserved increases in pay.