breadncircus 3 years, 4 months ago on Gunman prepared for even deadlier day

There needs to be clarity shed on this discussion. What was used, was NOT an automatic weapon. What WAS used, semi-automatic weapons-one shot per trigger pull. Is it possible for an American citizen to legally own a fully automatic weapon? Yes, but it requires them to possess a Federal Firearms License. Just because a weapon resembles what one would see a military use does not mean it is the same thing.By the way, many hunting rifles are semi-automatic in design; to be fair, these would be lumped into the same category as the weapons that are being described above, right? 100 rounds in 5 seconds, I suggest that some real research be done before making such claims. What happened can only be described as an evil act carried out by a person. Consider the fact that Timothy McVeigh did not use one bullet and still killed 19 children. The focus cannot be specific to the method used but by the mind behind the act. How can we prevent these evil acts in the future despite the methods? A starting place is to admit that we cannot exist in a moral vacuum. That people who commit crimes cannot play the victim. As for people in society that need help, we have a responsibility to ensure that they get it. Our priorities are going to have to change as a nation. We are in need of healing in this country. All of us.


breadncircus 3 years, 6 months ago on Mormonism, voter enthusiasm concern evangelicals

Trust. Let me say State Department and Libya. Now, how is that trust mechanism? Can we really trust what we hear from either party? Polarizing political rhetoric is all we get anymore; not real solutions. It just continues the cycle of a select group telling the rest what we think we want to hear thus appeasing our own personal bias. We have been misled for so long now though the use of political misinformation or under-information for the sake of power grabbing are we still able to even disseminate truth from lie? What will it take to get America back on track? I am not certain it will be in the near future but one can hope.