bikerchick89 3 years, 11 months ago on Jefferson City bar faces warning from regulators

Well if they didn't ban smoking indoors this wouldn't be an issue. The people who complain about the littlest thing need to grow up or our town will cease to exist. No business wants to come into a town that the people complain about everything. And the officials wonder why kids are getting into trouble and doing drugs cause there is nothing to do in this town. Ever stop to think what Jefferson City has in it???? We have 5 McDonalds, 2 Wal-marts, 2 Taco Bells, and like 9 mattress store etc...... I could go on and on about what we have but what we dont have is something for kids to do. i think i have made point with this comment.


bikerchick89 4 years, 5 months ago on bikerchick89

The planned parenthood in Jefferson City Missouri DID NOT do abortions! They provided care for underage girls who needed to be treated for Stds, or needed birthcontrol or condoms. It also provided sexual health and so many other important things that most girls cant talk to their parents about. This is not about religion or what people believe in. Its about keeping our communities and children informed about what sex is and what are effects of it, and keeping stds from spreading. They have helped me so much with my health and making sure i didnt have some type of cancer or stds. They are no different than any other doctor that we all go see. So drop the drama already and actually do your research to get all the info before you decide doing something dramatic.