beetlejuice 3 years, 2 months ago on Feds: JC lawyer offered local man $36K to marry woman

Why is the woman the only one arrested? The sleezy attorney and the alleged "husband" are just as guilty of fraud as the woman - I say they should all go to jail. Thank goodness for the ex-fiance who had the guts to call the cops! I hope the attorney has an ex-wife who takes him for everything he's got. I feel sorry for the children brought into this mess.


beetlejuice 3 years, 2 months ago on Lawmakers demand answers on new plane

For heaven's sake .... NOBODY believes this new plane was bought for ANYTHING other than flying Jay Nixon and other big dogs around the state. When the Governor says jump, the question that is asked is, how high? Nobody, who intends on keeping their job for very long, is going to tell him no. How many criminals were brought back to Missouri on the patrol plane last year? Anybody willing to make a guess? The new plane was bought with H.P. funds to fly Jay Nixon to wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants to go, period. That's politics, plain and simple. People just aren't as stupid as politicians think. We all know why the plane was bought and who benefits from it's purchase.


beetlejuice 3 years, 3 months ago on Airplane concerns stall Mo. cabinet nominee

03-2012 According to census data, Missouri's state employees rank 50th in the nation for wages. According to the Office of Administration, as of the end of last year, Missouri had nearly 52,000 state employees.

BUT the Governor "WANTS" a "brand new" King Air, so HE gets it (call it the Highway Patrol's since they are paying for it, but we ALL know whose plane it really is, now don't we?) State peons get nothing and taxpayers get the shaft AGAIN.