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Not guilty verdict in JC murder trial May 6, 2016


asb 2 years, 10 months ago on Ruling evokes praise, disappointment locally

A good ruling for millions of Americans. I applaud the many libertarian posters here who recognize the distinction between church and civil processes. And, of course, we can all count on Connor hating on women, regardless of how they come to be called such.


asb 2 years, 10 months ago on Immigration bill clears Senate test

Some of you are forgetting that all but a few drug-related illegals are here on invitation from American business. And, actually, since drugs are a major American business, they're all invited, transported, housed, poorly paid, exploited, and are often decades-long residents.. Send them home? Right. Who would do the work of these "invaders?" They are brought here to work, cheaper than those waiting in line. Filthy hellhole prisons are forbidden by the constitution; the Brits were so good at rank prisons that the framers thought it worth forbiding. Go ahead and spend millions on a fence, the construction industry of the Southwest could use the stimulus; but the hordes will still come, we need them . . . ya nitwits!


asb 2 years, 10 months ago on More bills being named for children

You're on to something there Spell, we all know there aren't any minority children named Bryce or Sahara, let alone John. We need to include bills about the poor oppressed white folks, give them names like Cracker's law, Dufus' Resolution, or Dumbe$$ Bill.


asb 2 years, 10 months ago on Speed dating with organic twist

Or, as Tommy Smothers used to sing, "I want to be a; cotton pickin' finger lickin' chicken plucker, just like my old man . . . " All the while his brother cautioning, "Careful!, watch out! whoa!" etc.


asb 2 years, 10 months ago on Unruly minors targeted at Thursday Night Live

If more needs to be spent cleaning up after TNL, fine. The idea that this is a trashy beer garden ignores the fact that beer gardens are trashy to if not cleaned up. Alcohol is part of our culture, for good or bad. Managing it is part of our law and social processes. TNL is new to Jeff City and needs adjustments and more resources devoted to it. TNL is one of the best ideas local business has come up with. Keep after them about trash and security, but if you want adults to have more entertainment options, TNL is a good investment. I'll be there tonight, and every Thursday night this June.


asb 3 years ago on Mo. moving forward with department reorganization

DNR and Conservation fight like two cats wiith one catbox. Conservation is what it sounds like, an agency dedicated to conserving the state's wild places and populations. DNR is in the business of making sure our resources are overused, abused, and neglected for profit. Yeah, they need to be in the same place . . .


asb 3 years, 1 month ago on Vandals topple, break statue at Helias

If the act were known to be aimed at Christians, rather than just a convenient target, it would indeed be labeled a hate crime by law. And those law enforcement groups that track hate crimes can give you many many examples of hate crimes against whites. Claiming otherwise expresses prejjudice and ignorance, which is the two-word version of bigotry.


asb 3 years, 3 months ago on Waitress fired for posting customer comment online

How we all differ. I've developed a varied palatte in my old age, but still find quite a few good items on their menu.