amominmo 4 years, 7 months ago on National gasoline prices up 6 cents in past 2 weeks

Columbia has QT ... which is why their prices are driven lower than surrounding areas. Nowhere else in the nearby area is there a national chain that promotes lower prices. These businesses are pricing to the lowest competitor so therefore the same company that provides gas to JC and Columbia have different prices because there are no other competitors in JC to lower the price to meet.


amominmo 5 years ago on New library director seeks more interaction with community

Hopefully the new director will change the hours to accomodate the community. If she wants to meet the public then she should host events during hours where the public can attend (after 5p). If she wants the library to grow and thrive then she'll need to offer hours that the public and attend. I've tried going to the library at 6:15p on a Friday and they were closed. I've tried taking my daughter on days when she's off school and they were closed. How is the general public getting any use out of a library that is closed so often???