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amixie 5 years ago on MoDOT plans to close three offices, cut 1,200 positions

taking from a comment up above---If there are state government employees getting raises I would like to know of one. We haven't had raises since 2009 as far as I know. Unless you work in the trenches don't complain about them. Things aren't perfect but some of us are happy to have a job. :)


amixie 5 years ago on Suit against PC renter Aaron's raises privacy questions

Aarons Sales and Lease are crooks!!! I had items with them and they stored my debit card info without my permission and ran it without my permission. Once I confronted them about it they instantly said they would reverse the charges because they knew they were wrong. Then they added that they not longer would do business with me and demanded that I pay my items off in full within three days or they would come take them. I had already been paying on them for over a year and didnt want to lose the money I put in so I paid them off. I vowed NEVER to do business with them again. I emailed and faxed 4 different people at their headquarters and received nothing in return. I contacted the BBB and Aaarons said since they credited my money that it was resolved and nothing came of it. To me this is still credit/debit card fraud. Even though they credited back they still charged it the first time without my permission. CROOKS!!!! Do not go to any Aarons, you will regret it.