alexgma 3 years, 3 months ago on 3 months after Sandy, victims waiting for relief

this is shameful and sinful but then election over how sad fema has again not stood the test of time in helping and being sad we see people being treated this way after a storm that took everything from them.cold,wet hungry. this speaks loudly about our world leaders.


alexgma 3 years, 3 months ago on Senators reach deal on immigration changes

whats obama vision for the american people borned here? our american kids getting out of school cant find jobs carrying with them heavy debt on student loans. we americans can barely suport our selfs and we bring millions to our job force,health care,housing,schooling what is it am missing here? oh! for english press one


alexgma 3 years, 3 months ago on Union challenges Nixon’s plan to cut jobs in Medicaid program

I make 19,000.00 yr.have no health insurance,just got first check of 2013 $34.00 more dollars in taxs taken out. it doesnt pay for any one to work.I dont make enough to be in middle income not collecting any goverment aid so not in poverty level what level would I be on? I have no bills except rent,water,phone,cable and food and gas I pay out of pocket for dr cause i will never in one year reach the deductables for insurance. my husband has heart diease and worked all his life and now gets disabilty so medicare he has.were both in our 60's and when they add our income together I make to much for medicade cut jobs,fund more programs and more workers lose job.

why work? why try to get ahead? $34.00 is half tank of gas for me.