WowReally 5 years, 5 months ago on Fire loss at California plant includes deer carcasses

It’s not up to our government to take care of us, we’re responsible for ourselves and to our communities. Antlerless season started today and runs thru December 5th. Muzzle loader season starts December 18th and runs thru the 28th and if you bow hunt you have until January 15 to make up for any losses or harvest a few deer to donate to help out others. Since doe tags are only $7 each, most folks could afford to go out and get a sympathy deer if they really wanted to in order to help folks out.

My heart goes out to those who’ve suffered a loss in this, especially those who were employed at Clennins. I’d be surprised if insurance didn’t take care of the business end of things and would even to be willing to bet that the owner(s) could rebuild if they wanted to. Community support can come in a lot of forms.

Best wishes and have a good holiday everyone.