Witchywoman 3 years, 5 months ago on Nixon extends report date for tax credit study

They must have decided to end the tax credits retroactive because I recently got a MO income tax bill from 2009 as the result of some kind of change. Not fun.


Witchywoman 4 years ago on Holts Summit resident catches armed suspect

How does a person try to pull out a handgun? You either do or you don't. I think the cops are trying to justify their actions. Tried to pull out a gun. Almost hit the off duty cops car.
It will be interesting to know the real story.
Creepy knowing off duty cops are cruising around... doing whatever.

This may be a guy without a license who is now in really big trouble. In Callaway Cty you can go from a traffic ticket to prison in no time flat... and the justice system will push your buttons and ruin your life the entire trip. If you aren't a bad guy... you will be by the time Callaway Cty gets done messing with you. They need the court money.


Witchywoman 4 years, 2 months ago on One man seriously hurt after JC accident

When did this happen. the story says published on the 29th at 7:56 pm (over 4 hours from now) Was anyone hurt?


Witchywoman 4 years, 4 months ago on Witchywoman

Whoever did this deserves the worst punishment. I despise people who hurt animals.