Cynthia Watson

Weeko56 5 years, 1 month ago on Barge tour planned May 12

As someone who had just moved here 8 months ago, I was excited to see about the barge tour. I am always interested in seeing what kinds of activites that Jefferson City has to assist with obtaining the history of the city and/or just the activities. I thought that this would be something that my family would be able to attend. When I saw that it was $100 per person, that is way out of my salary range. Considering that most people in Jeff City and the surrounding areas are state employees, we have not had a raise for approximately 3 years and it does not look good for us for the next few years down the road. With gas prices jumping sky high due to somethat that we have no control of, I was upset to see that the city would set up something like this at that cost. Why not have more than one barge going up and down the river, skip the drinks and eats and have it at a cost that everyone wold be able to afford. We are the working class and we are the ones that keep this nation going. And this how you pat us on the back??????