WIsownBuckNasty 3 years, 5 months ago on Crane denies coaching witnesses

 This is a very troubling story. Based on the evidence in this case I have no idea how anyone came to a verdict that these gentleman murdered this man. This is a classic case on how the American justice system **Still** continues to fail us today. I truly do believe that Ryan Ferguson is innocent and is a victim of a crime in which he didn't commit. Nick Erickson on the other hand is a little harder to figure out. The question I keep asking myself is: Why on earth would Nick, after a night of "blacking out" ever believe he was a murderer? And if there was any doubt, why admit something you honestly have no memory of? 
  I truly believe this case was just a large stepping stone to help Kevin Crane climb his way up the "corporate ladder", and that he obviously did as he now serves as judge. I have been a first hand witness of the strain and pressure that investigators and prosecutors have put on honest, innocent Americans. What ever happened to "**Innocent until proven guilty?** these people are so quick to point fingers they never stop one second to think of the re-percussions that would happen to the lives of these people. Kevin Crane is a horrible human being and he will live and die with the fact that he just uses people as pawns for his own gain. I'm absolutely disgusted with our justice system. The sad thing is that the **Real** killer is still out there somewhere, all because some people were too busy worrying about themselves instead of the people who are actually suffering for this.
  My heart goes out to Ryan and his family.  I do believe the truths of this case will show themselves eventually, just hang in there. And Kevin Crane; you might as well have been the one to kill that man because you sub sequentially ended another mans life. Liars can't hide from God.