ThePeopleSpeak 2 years, 10 months ago on Man pleads guilty to shooting at JC club

I am most disturbed by the gun charges only resulting in probation. I'm not the type that requires our law enforcement to "appear tough on crime" all the time, especially when it comes to the drug charges (Drug laws themselves being as... nearly unlawful as they are). However firing a weapon inside city limits and just 5 years probation? Maybe if we released some of the minor drug offenders we could make room for people shooting at other people in the city. Unlike the above user, I do not blame Brian Stumpe for the situation. The man is a stand up citizen and has compassionately and sensibly dealt with offenders in Jefferson City since he took office. That he isn't a "hanging" prosecutor is damn good thing!

As Prosecutor, Stumpe is only able to proceed how he can proceed according to the law and the evidence the police provide him. Despite his political affiliation (lol), he really does seem to want to do his job for the betterment of the people as opposed to the establishment. Having met and talked to him at length in person, I can't take the above comment against him as anything but libelous nonsense.

People with strong opinions on issues they don't even have all the relevant facts in regard too are simply blowhards with too much time on their hands.


ThePeopleSpeak 2 years, 10 months ago on New NSA spying allegations rile European allies (VIDEO)

I hope Snowden gets away and more people are encouraged to bring to light wrongdoing on the part of any/all politicians, security agencies, and anyone else.

Its funny to me that "little people" are encouraged to tell on each other for jaywalking, but when the government is up to no good, suddenly the whistleblower is unpatriotic.

If we are truly free than whistleblowers are the most patriotic people we've got.

Too much Doublethink going on, Orwell is rolling over.


ThePeopleSpeak 2 years, 10 months ago on Police seek suspect in Jefferson City robbery

What do you think giving it up means?

I'm letting the mortgage company that manages the note have it.

"Dost thou think you fabricate."

Lol wut? Do I think I fabricate? What is that even supposed to mean?


ThePeopleSpeak 2 years, 10 months ago on Police seek suspect in Jefferson City robbery


This wasn't an armed robbery. Read the article again. I own a home in this area as well. Section 8 people ruined it completely and I'm giving it up because there is no way in Hades to recoup the damage they did.

...They were white.

You people need some serious class consciousness. Until then we are our own worst enemies.

Waits for the screams of class warfare


ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on School board purchases land for new high school

Spending a ton of money on land, brick, and mortar does not improve schools. Spending money on high quality teachers, reducing student-to-teacher ratios, and following the model of the best national school system in Western Europe does: The Finns.

Rather than paying all this money for one, two, or five new schools, become "Little Finland" and watch the rest of the US beat a path to our door.

Or just aim low like a hick town should and waste more money on eye candy, which we all know will be what will happen.

The academy thing is something, but if you put lipstick on a pig...


ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on Administrators armed in Colorado school district

A pair of armed federal marshals, much as we've done on airplanes, undercover, and acting as educators on all other issues, is exactly the kind of meaningful solution to the issue we need.

Well, that and proper medical care that treats mental illness in a positive way.

I salute this district for not waiting around for someone else to solve the problem for them.


ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on Obituary for Brandon J. Higgins

I remember you as a little boy. I'm so glad to know you had a creative soul. I hope you are at peace. No matter what anyone says, your father was a good man too, and I hope the two of you were able to enjoy the best of each other.


ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on Mo. Sen. McCaskill supports gay marriage

Wow Conner, I'm not even sure what all of that is supposed to mean. When you pile one cliche on top of another and then add some buzzwords I'm not sure what to call it, other than nonsensical.

Your second sentence is not even a sentence. I have no idea what any of that is supposed to mean specifically nor how gay marriage is supposed to actually do any of that. In fact,it isn't even a real sentence, it's a fragment with no verb.

You can't just be a man and come out and say you don't like gays and don't want them to marry (likely you'll swear up and down you have gay friends and blah, blah, blah to save face) because you wouldn't have any ground to stand on, and you know it. So instead you try to baffle the reader with nothingspeak..

The truth is gay people marrying doesn't effect you in any way, and means nothing to you in your daily life. If gay people are allowed to marry the only difference you'll notice is that sometimes you might see a couple of dudes or ladies holding hands.

Wow... the terror.

the real truth is, some of the political forces in this country are so narrowly focused on their truest goals that they really have nothing to run on except "more money for themselves". Obviously no poor or middle class person is going to support that so they have to manufacture controversy somehow. Gay marriage is one of those ways. Congratulations on serving those interests.

Marriage today has nothing whatsoever to do with Christian anything. Originally It had to do with property inheritance and Capitalism. The English saw how inheritance issues watered down the power of the Kings and nobles elsewhere, and created laws that kept landholdings, titles, and money together using "tight" marriage laws and something called primogeniture. (Only the oldest inherits).

The cold hard fact is only a society with a huge surplus of resources and energy even has the capacity to attempt to stir the social engineering pot by regulating acceptance of such a minority interest. It already has the freedom to live or die on it's own merits and if it is a worthwhile endeavor and proves itself it does not need Government muscle to back it up as the freedom for it to flourish is already assured.

Despite the fact that this is another sentence that makes no sense whatsoever, The "cold hard fact" is that the term homosexuality is something relatively modern. It didn't exist prior to the late 1800s and before this there was never even a term for it. People simply mated with whoever and that was that. So while you're busy doling out your cold hard facts it'd be nice if you actually got them right.

I think many a false ideologue ought to study a little more history before they get too busy condemning something they don't really understand all that well.



ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on Drivers endure high gas prices despite US oil boom

Conner- thank you for the intelligent post.

You are quite correct on your assessment of various blends. I have no contention with that whatsoever. You are also correct in that they take a loss on blends like those in California state where prices are over $5/gallon already.

I'm not a liberal, I'm an American. As such the sale of gasoline abroad not only doesn't help me, it doesn't help the vast majority of other Americans who have no choice but to rely on gasoline for everything. As such, those trade agreements you speak of are highly, highly, offensive. The oil companies had never done anything like that prior to approximately the mid 2000s when oil price declines (and other factors) threatened to bring the price of gasoline below $3/gallon for the first time since 2001.

Unhappy with that, they sought the deals you mention and because this kept supply low, gasoline prices stayed above $3/gallon quite nicely.

To the American people, its criminal. It would be like Ameren UE selling electricity abroad to keep all of our bills above a certain profit level.

Those responsible for this are from both parties. There was a reason this never happened before.


ThePeopleSpeak 3 years, 1 month ago on Drivers endure high gas prices despite US oil boom

The big news here is that US companies are allowed to sell their refined gasoline abroad.

It should be criminal to do so when gasoline is the "engine of Democracy".

But that'll never happen. Nothing in this country happens for the good of the people, only for profit.

As for the $.06/gallon profit, that may be true but state and local taxes DO NOT make up the rest. Missouri has the sixth lowest gas tax in the nation at 17.3 cents/gallon. You can't tell me that makes up that whole $3.59/gallon we're paying now.

Further 6 cents on several million gallons/day is quite a haul. Make no mistake, the oil companies have raked in record profits since the Bush era, and really even before that, but particularly since then. It's astronomical really.