Souperstar 3 years, 4 months ago on Lincoln, Linn Tech agree to buy Jefferson City High School complex

^ That's the ringer...

Not having a plan for expansion and launching forward with sudden opportunity doesn't make fiscal sense to me. It's costing all of us.


Souperstar 3 years, 11 months ago on City looks for ways to repair MSP

Gotta agree with Lifer. Don't go into business if it isn't profitable. I'm not the nostalgic type, especially with the money I earn NOW going toward something that will not benefit the taxpayers in the future. If there is no plan to make it profitable, there may as well be no plan...

And what is with people and the word "tourism" as they think it should apply to Jefferson City? Very aggravating. The nearest (fully functional) airport is hours away, we aren't getting many tourists and no one will come from far away for conventions.


Souperstar 4 years ago on Jefferson City looks for citizen input on various projects

I ditto lifer. Given the track record here, you will not pass another tax increase in this town. Voters have spoken on numerous occasions. Listen once and for all.


Souperstar 4 years ago on US home sales fell in March

Honestly Rob, I think you answered your own question. You cited 2 gov't run programs and another the gov't already has their hands in. Now you want to jump in with both feet after the gov't has demonstrated a near complete lack of proper management of such programs? The solution is clear: less government. We don't need them, they need us taxpayers. We have to stop turning to our Federal gov't for answers.


Souperstar 4 years ago on Our Opinion: City contest loses sight of mission

I agree that this doesn't need to be done. Further, however, for $1,500 they're unlikely to even get college students interested. Obviously, they don't have any experience with the cost and time to create an application like this. You can use Google and see that the average cost of development is thousands more than this.

Ditto your Transformation comment too, by the way.


Souperstar 4 years, 11 months ago on Mo. House passes welfare drug testing legislation

Are you basically calling these people victims? They (the ones affected) are using drugs...while being supporting by the public. Let's define victim with the help of vic·tim/ˈviktəm/Noun 1. A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action. 2. A person who is tricked or duped: "the victim of a hoax".

Well they fit neither of those definitions, but the public certainly fits by definition for allowing people in these situations to continue to take from them, and use what they've taken in such a self destructive manner.

This is not punishing the kids, instead it is giving mom/dad incentive to get away from the problem. This is not punishing the kids, this is offering the aid (again) if mom/dad get away from the problem. This is not punishing the kids, and do you really think that mom/dad are taking care of them, while they are being born possibly addicted to these drugs or living in an explosive/toxic drug production house?

Your legislator/business owner banter is old too. Please, think carefully.


Souperstar 5 years, 1 month ago on Trash talk picking up again in Jefferson City

I agree with your choices statement. If the city wants to use Allied, fine. The merits of competition in that sort of arena can be argued, but I tend to side with the idea that competition improves life in several ways, namely value and service. That being said, Allied should offer more than a one-size-fits-all here. Smaller cans, more money, less service, forced recycling, and in my opinion one very rude informational letter all happened. I will never care for Allied, or our elected representatives who approved this. You have all done something that you know is wrong, yet I'm sure you'll find obscure ways of justifying your actions and decisions so you can move on. Also, if what JC said is true about kickbacks on this, then I'm sure the money helps.


Souperstar 5 years, 2 months ago on Large Scale Meth Lab Seized

I have to agree with Graceful.

I wonder if asb has ever worked within an industry where government regulation has brought it to its knees. Well, I'll tell you this much, I'll never step foot in another Texas ER ever again (speaking on health care now). My wife almost died there, and you cannot imagine the conditions until you've seen it. Bums walking in off the street getting a meal and a hotel stay, and the nurses have to hand them their voucher for it. How does a system where those who do not contribute get something for nothing work? It DOESN'T. It's not the American way. If you want that, move to another country because you're trying to "change" what works. Keep in mind America's power in the world, and tell me that we arrived where we are today by following you ideals, asb.