RonCon 2 years, 10 months ago on Unruly minors targeted at Thursday Night Live

TNL is indeed a good event for the city. However, Jill doesn't seem to make much sense as pointed out in an earlier post. In controlling minors the guards simply need to make a blanket rule "no minors without parent", across the board. Trash comes in many forms.There's a lot of two-legged trash attending events such as this and security just needs to be more vigilant in disposing of it. And alcohol has nothing to do with minors, they aren't supposed to have it so don't go down that blame-trail.

As for the complaints here, how about the trash at the annual July 4th event, both litter left behind and that walking around the event? Don't hear any complaints about it every year. Several responses here seem to fall right in line with the liquor store on West Main. A small few who think JC should be a place to set on the porch and do nothing but watch the birds want to keep the city from growing and having nice events.

If you don't like SNL don't attend. If you do attend and see problems, get ahold of someone and force the issue of removing the offenders in cuffs. Otherwise it will become a thing of the past. And Jill, get a grip on reality. Don't be afraid to offend the minors and their parents or the event is done for. Maybe the parents should be tracked down and forced to show up at the jail to pick up little Johnny when he/she causes problems. Folks say we can't prosecute them for various reasons. Perhaps, but you can hold them in jail and get them off the street for awhile. Might just scare them enough not to do something again. The hands off approach is what's wrong with our young now, so let's change it and get a bit harsher.


RonCon 2 years, 10 months ago on Permit denied for West Main liquor store that met guidelines

Folks need to read the related articles. They reflect that this is a small chain and not just a 'good ole boy selling booze'. If they sell liquor across the street, no matter what percentage of sales it is, then there's no legal reason why Mr. Patel shouldn't be allowed to sell also. If I were him I'd be taking this on to court and pushing for Break Time permit to be pulled using the same petition names as used against him. If he succeeds, then all is fair and fine.

Jefferson City is stagnant, for reasons just like the close minded folks at the meeting talk about. I'm not backing a package store at this location. What I am backing is to get the more progressive people into control and start this city moving again. We live in a low budget area, no growth, no prospect of growth. What other town has a McDonalds for every 10,000 people, 6 McDonalds. And Sam's Club? Just another low budget warehouse club. Take a look at Columbia. Whatever they are doing to attract businesses is working. $400k homes are going up all over town there. New restraurants opening up every week. Mr. Patel, open up the most obnoxious business you can under the C1 zoning without a CUP or any other special permit and let's see how the neighborhood likes it. Maybe another Club Motivation, we know the city won't shut it down................


RonCon 4 years, 1 month ago on Body of Cole Co. man found in Moreau River

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RonCon 4 years, 6 months ago on House votes to honor first black Marines

I would like to know who gets 'honored' when black indian fighters killed american indians, and the reverse. Let's see if any of our Washington fleas would touch that issue. The root issue here is that they were both humans, no reason to honor them because of their color. Are we now going to see honor granted on other human variables which were from birth?

I also don't really care who fought who, just that time and money is wasted on honoring those who chose to fight. The only ones who really have any reason to be honored are those forced by their leaders to do something which would risk their lives, for instance the draft.


RonCon 4 years, 6 months ago on City seeks to perform a parking balancing act

Behind most businesses are parking spaces. Those could be made available after hours. But there's no reason anyone living uptown should expect a parking space during business hours. The businesses were there when they chose to move in, they take precedence. If they want to make changes they need to get all floors from 2nd upward rezoned for family residence. And they would have to go through the entire hearing process just like any other zoning. Yes, they can zone separate floors for different uses, just take a look at a true city zoning map, which means someplace else besides Jefferson City. That would confuse our small town leaders.


RonCon 4 years, 6 months ago on RonCon

The biggest problem with this is nobody will ever hear the outcome on this. Stories like this get swept to the trash as it will look bad for them. What we need to do is keep posting the outcome at all stages of prosecution on this. What I'd like to know is whether this is her first time getting caught and what her background or 'rap' sheet looks like.