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RobHunterJohnson 3 years, 1 month ago

Mr Backes, changing page, First of our Teachers and Student body our the best right here in Jefferson City! I do not want to get in to the ranking of these schools, different enities rank different, criteria is analized different , ect? The bottom line for me is I have two facitlilties to look at JCHS, because I live here, Child, Grand Child, and Nieces, and Nephews have, or are currently involved. Having stated that, the other High school I have expeirience with is the one I had attened myself, my school, Parkway West in Ballwin, Mo in 1975, had the same amount of students, that JCHS has currently. Parkway was growing in leaps and bounds at the time, Parkway cut there enrollment in half 2 years after I had graduated with the addition of another High School? Parkway West has an alumni and some have done very well with some noterierty. JCHS has had a Govenor, and a handful of atheletes in about the same amount of time? I just took a look, and did the comparison and it seems that the smaller school helped these kids with more oppurtunities! My Grandson graduated from Risco High school, he also did very well academically, I owe alot to the close working relationship with the Teachers in a small school, though it is nothing at all like the JCHS! My Grandson and his Sister are benefitting from the smaller High School! I would love to work on your schools, I am a Pipefitter out of St Louis and have seen my share of school houses over my carreer. There are things that can be done to help with not interupting students in their studies even when construction is taking place! I also know what change does, having a different, and yearly changing of locations to attend school during my time as a student, I also saw the applications of teaching change at the same time. (PODS) I am skeptical of the academy style of learning? I feel if you need a trade school, you need a trade school, why not merge those applications with Linn Tech; at JCHS location? You have not sold me on the fact that the current JCHS building is just worn out. JCHS IS woth more than the $8 million you sold it for? It is twice the size of Still Hospital, and Half the size of Lincoln? What are those properties worth, and remember I am watching my Tax Dollars as well as yours. Rob


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