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ReaderandVoter 2 years, 2 months ago on Purchase of land proof of one-school commitment

So under your logic, we should be building all new elementary buildings every time a new one is added? Why should East school students have to be on that old building with other students getting to be in the new Pioneer school out West? Sorry..."life is not fair" in case your parents never told you that years ago.

Most students and experts already know good teachers are the key..not the new classroom. Students have gotten, and can continue to receive, excellent education in the existing high school building with excellent teachers.


ReaderandVoter 2 years, 2 months ago on School board purchases land for new high school

Totally agree with you. This will be my first vote against a school issue.

Sad our school administration is actually giving voters the "It's not fair" excuse for not pursuing a second high school. Never a problem for them when building a new elementary school to leave students in East, West or other older school buildings but suddenly they try to sell us on that lame "it's not fair" argument...

Columbia school administration is on the right track working for smaller schools. This proposal that was not even part of the options presented to the public hearing study groups is just plain wrong.


ReaderandVoter 2 years, 2 months ago on Purchase of land proof of one-school commitment

So the Superintendent's argument is "it's not fair" to leave some high school students in the old high school building if there was another high school?? The administration never seemed to have this problem when building new elementary schools and leaving students in the old East and old West and old South school buildings. Pleeease!!! This is a totally lame argument against two high schools. And it's insulting to even present to us voters.

Columbia is now building their 3rd high school. Guess their voters and school administration don't care if they are unfair to students in the Hickman high school...which happens to be a fine school despite not being a new building.

Wonder how much future taxes the school has removed from the Jefferson City and Cole County tax roles by taking all that land next to the new hospital? Could have made for some nice tax-paying business locations.