Robert Wise

RTWise 3 years, 8 months ago on Councilman expects city administrator to be fired

I say fire them all, council, mayor and admistrator! Make a clean sweep of the house and let some fresh air in.


RTWise 3 years, 8 months ago on Our Opinion: Mistake should be admitted, not compounded

I agree with the opinion stated by the News Tribune. Mr. Nickolaus made a mistake. The problem is that this is just another mistake or failure to lead this city. Mr. Nickolaus has not lead the citizens to a point they understand taxes sometimes have to be raised. Mr. Nickolaus failed with Transform Jefferson City, and I could go on and on.

The citizens of Jefferson City do not trust Mr. Nickolaus or the city council for that matter. The citizens do not trust the Visitor and Convention Center staff. I'm not sure the damage to the trust of the citizens can be repaired.

I believe the first step is Mr. Nickolaus must go. I think many of the council must go. It's the only way I see of rebuiding the trust that has been lost.


RTWise 3 years, 8 months ago on Councilman expects city administrator to be fired

I don't expect the city government to be the end all and provider of all I need. That is the point I guess I failed to make. Instead of attempting to increase taxes everytime you turn around to pay the bills.

Some of the areas I think the city could cut back on would be:

Sidewalks. Don't add anymore sidewalks until the budget loosens up.

Recreations services. Cut back, let the fees for the users pay for them.

The Convention Center

Adrians Island or Sandbar

Buy smaller more fuel efficent cars to replace the police and city vehicles as then need to be replaced. You know the new Suburbans have to take more gas than a car. In this day and age with radio communication how often do the police really need such high-powered vehicles?

Cut back on city employees, even the State of Missouri has finally figured out they have to cut back and one of the places you can control is personnel expenses.

Don't buy ipads for the council. The ipads aren't the expensive part of it. The upgrades and the scanners to get the information into the system and such is where the expense comes in. The consultants who have to set up the new systems and train the staff on how to use them.

Quit trying to annex more area into the city. If we can't afford what we have currently.

Quit spending huge amounts of money on trying to get taxes passed, doing mailing and emails.

To me essential services are the Police, Fire and Emergency services. Streets have to be maintained. I'm sure there are other places that the budget could be cut back to help balance the budget.


RTWise 3 years, 8 months ago on City e-mail contradicts Prop 2 supporters

Maybe the problem is the Mayor, City Administrator and Council don't know what "Essential Services" really are. Maybe if they stopped dreaming of pie in the sky ways to spend money they could concentrate on making sure the basic services of the city are funded.


RTWise 3 years, 8 months ago on Councilman expects city administrator to be fired

Enough is enough. Leadership starts at the top. If the leader has compromised himself to the point he can not lead, then he must be replaced. Is anyone else sensing a pattern? Our current leadership has decided that the only solution is to increase taxes. The problem is that they don't have the trust and respect to be believed when they make promises about the taxes. There is a distinct credibility problem with current city administrator Nickolaus.

The mayor and the city council needs to think long and hard about this vote. This should be a make it or break it vote for our local council. If Mr. Nickolaus is not terminated then when the mayor and council members come up for re-election they should be voted out, each and every one of them.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. The council keeps putting tax increases on the ballot and the citizens keep turning them down. What part of learn to live in your income does the council not understand.

It's the economy. Citizens are living on less and less. People are afraid of losing their jobs. Ameren wants a huge increase, gasoline keeps going up. Wages are not keeping up with the cost and the powers at be want to tax us some more.

It will be interesting to see how the city circles it wagons. This is a meeting that should not be closed, every one should be on the record so that they have to live with their vote.


RTWise 4 years ago on Hotelier charges ‘denial of due process’

Then we should annex the furniture store out on Hwy 54 South, they receive benefit from Jefferson City and aren't in the city? And while we're at it lets just skip over what ever businesses and homes are in the area between the current city limits and the furniture store. That is unless some business in Jefferson City feels they are getting an unfair advantage by being in the county instead of the city.


RTWise 4 years, 1 month ago on Council OKs annexation plan of intent

As the person who asked the question of the council, I am not surprised there were no answers given. I also hope that the voters reject this annexation, the key to the voters rejecting this issue is to keep it in the news and keep people thinking about it.

Reminding people that the council says one thing and then does another. Remember the 7% Lodging Tax was supposed to be enough to pay for the Convention Center? Then they needed some of the half-cent sales tax money to be able to have the funds.


RTWise 4 years, 1 month ago on Council OKs annexation plan of intent

Thank you for noticing what the council is attempting to do. I hope that there are many others that will get out and vote and send another message to the council telling it's time to listen to what the people want.


RTWise 4 years, 1 month ago on Hotelier charges ‘denial of due process’

It is the cherry picking that bothers me the most. If the city council really was interested in expanding the city and adding businesses to the city, they would be taking the 16 or 17 businesses that touch the area being annexed.

Planned annexation is going to happen, but it isn't fair to use the government to do your dirty work. I agree the hotels were built here for a reason, but is it the job of the city council to enforce selective and forced annexation to level the playing field between for-profit businesses?

If the city in all of its wisdom had come down the North side of Country Club Drive and annexed the businesses from Rainbow to Business 50 West I would be hard pressed to argue that planned annexation was being attempted. But to target two businesses in the area and pull JC Mattress Factory in because they need the frontage to get to the hotels, is government interference at its worst.

My belief is that if the city were to attempt to annex the businesses that are on the North side of Hwy 50, they would have to annex homes, that they have attempted to annex before and failed and they are afraid that they would be voted down.