Pitbulllover 4 years, 5 months ago on Helias priest put on leave

I would just like to state to everyone reading this, Father Doyle is a good man. I went to Helias, and he treated everyone good, and everyone equally. This includes, not only the students, both male and female, but also the teachers, the parents and friends of everyone there. I might not have had the best student record there, but I do know that he was there to support anyone when they needed it, regardless of age/sex.

 Also, if anyone gave a damn, including the media, they would have included that Father Doyle's Facebook account was hacked approximately November 15th.  IMO it's too close to this "incident" to really say one way or another that HE put these "images" there himself.  Viruses can do awful things to computers, and anyone willing to convict him with this terrible information given to us, not only by News Tribune, but by KRCG, and many other media outlets, is ignorant to anything technological.  All those saying he's guilty without even knowing the full story, have you ever had a computer virus?!  I'm 27 years old, grew up around computers.  I know my way around them when it comes to anything internet related or even virus related.  That's right, I've had a virus before, and it can and will send you to sites, attach pictures, etc.

 Have some respect for your fellow mankind and don't judge him, convict him in your mind, or anything unless until the TRUE story has been revealed.  By that I mean all facts are released and a full investigation, by whomever it is, is completed.  Don't ruin a man's life because you are too bullheaded to assume he's a good person, since most of you do not even know the man, and wouldn't have known him passing him in the street!