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PatriotPT 4 years, 1 month ago on Tea party PAC backs Steelman in Mo. Senate race

An out of state, California PAC with a tea party sounding name and a shiny bus, is not representative of Missouri TEA Party organizations who are capable of making their own choices. However what was left out in reporting of the Missouri TEA Party press release is that NO Missouri based community TEA Party group invited or conferred with the Tea Party Express, or has endorsed any of the three Republican candidates for US Senate, or any other candidate we are aware of. It is misleading to the general public to infer that the Missouri based TEA Party supports any candidate at this point and it should be made clear no known group endorsements exist at this time.


PatriotPT 5 years, 2 months ago on Protests converge at Missouri Capitol

A one side shot of a small portion of a crowd, of course it looks small. The Tea Party organized this rally in 72 hours. Unions have been organizing for how many years now and were still upstaged by a few independent grassroots organizers. Plus the union group had to bunch up with a $49 sound system. The Tea Party group was able to spread out and still hear with a rented sound system, paid for out of their own pockets. In addition all of the patriots drove on their own accord and were not bussed in from St Louis. Right to work petition circulated around collected 170 signatures and the person passing the petition said they were unable to get to everyone. All indications of the crowds from independent, non AP sources estimated both sided at approximately 250-300 each.

The Rally, named "Restore Common Sense" was intended to bring exactly that idea into the discussion. Emotional arguments about people losing a small piece of the pie and taking over the Capitol in Wisconsin in an obnoxious and loud attempt at intimidation will not be tolerated in Missouri. The Restore Common Sense rally seeks a return to civil discussion and lawful deliberation, rather than thuggery and protection of luscious entitlements by a few. Unions claim to represent workers. But in Missouri 12% are union. The other 88% of working people are paying most of the bills. If we say we can no longer afford certain entitlements afforded to a small minority of workers, we mean it.

While the report in the actual News Tribune was more informational, it still lacked some of the objective journalism that would have developed major differences as outlined above and provided a reader with a more rounded education of the issues.