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PatRoweKerr 4 years, 8 months ago on Are military pensions too 'generous'?

Thank you to the military - Veterans, past, present and future - and to their families - for their serivice....before I wrote this I was looking for the stats I had on retirements of our President, Vice President, Congressionals, etc -- life-time retirement. Deductions in military retirement should be the last consideration; with the first starting at the top.....when elected officials - state or federal - say they can't do anything about 'their' salaries or pensions because they're legislated or constitutional, whichever, they can always donate a significant portion to organizations that support the many citizenry who could use those resources. And while there are inherent danger risks in many professions, they do not compare in any way to what our military, police officers face -- as a Mom, Daughter, Granddaughter, etc. of someone who has deployed in every branch -- and having a loved one deployed nearly every day since 2003 - there is not a prayer said at our home that does not include prayer for the safety of our service members and their families. So please, folks, let's not tap in to the pensions of those willing to stand for our safety; our hearts and minds will never face what they have witnessed in their deployments. Take a moment to read the View in today's paper and remember, but for the Grace of God, go I. Blessings, Pat PS Make your view known to those in office in DC!


PatRoweKerr 4 years, 9 months ago on Interim city administrator says he’ll pursue permanent job

Nathan brings a historical perspective to the city of Jefferson that someone from another area would not have. His background working in private practice many years ago as well as with the cityand growing up in Jefferson City rounds out the understanding of how Jefferson Citians, young and old, want to see their city grow.