Observing 3 years ago on Our Opinion: Senate repeats message already heard

The goose egg signals legislative displeasure with the Revenue agency’s sharing of concealed carry permits — obtained as part of the driver’s license procedure — with federal authorities.

I'm disappointed that this inaccurate line is being perpetuated. Several stories have already acknowledged that the highway patrol, not DOR, shared the CCW information with the feds, and Rep. Luetkemeyer has acknowledged that what the Highway Patrol did was legal. He has not shown any evidence that DOR is complying with Real ID, nor has he shown any evidence that DOR gave anything to the feds.

Since when do we believe a Senator, with a political agenda and motivation to fabricate a "scandal," over our public employees just doing their job? It seems he's just trying to yell long and loud enough to hide the fact that he does not have evidence to back up his claims. I'm tired of him wasting precious legislative time that could be used on real, proven issues.


Observing 3 years ago on Schaefer seeks 'whistleblower' help

It looks like Senator Schaefer is grasping at straws. Doesn't he have any evidence to back up his ranting and raving? After all of his allegations (Not to mention Tim Jones and Peter Kinder), he's just now calling for whistleblowers? For all the credit they want to take for uncovering this "scandal", have they really uncovered anything other than speculative accusations and conjecture? When no whistleblower comes forward, will he finally acknowledge that he has no case?

Why doesn't he acknowledge as others have done, that the Department is required by law (Section 32.090) to keep records of all documents filed?

If he doesn't have the evidence to back up his claims, he is jumping to a lot of unfounded conclusions and seriously misleading the citizens of Missouri. Maybe next time he thinks there's a scandal, he should actually investigate before opening his mouth.


Observing 3 years ago on Missouri to stop copying concealed gun documents

Our republican senators have conveniently ignored Section 32.090 which requires the Department of Revenue to keep a copy of every application and document filed with it. Arguably, DOR will violate the law only when it stops keeping the documents.

Representative Luetkemeyer has already acknowledged that the information sharing was legal. If our representatives don't like the law, they can change it, as they are trying to do, but I'm tired of them ranting about the "terrible" things the Department of Revenue and the Highway Patrol have done, without evidence to back it up. They sound more like political hacks than true statesmen.


Observing 3 years ago on Luetkemeyer: Records request unusual but legal

Actually it makes perfect sense. SSA has individuals claiming benefits due to a mental disability, but to qualify for a CCW you cannot have a mental disability. A person on both lists is probably defrauding SSA by claiming a disability they don't actually have. A comparison of the lists is a great way to catch those people. It's a simple law enforcement check.

Representative Leutkemeyer has already acknowledged the disclosure was legal under current state law. If it were not for the conspiracy theorists among us, this probably would not be an issue.


Observing 3 years ago on Missouri's Director of Revenue Resigns

Even if that's true, the Tribune's April 10th story about Real ID makes it sounds like the Senators are not telling us the full story either. Are we really trying to get to the truth, or is this just a political hack job? Unless you're in the business of swallowing everything a Senator says, I suggest we ask them to release the full letter so we can see all of what the Department told DHS.

Two more points to ask the Senators about: Today's story acknowledges that the Highway Patrol's record disclosures were legal.

Why haven't the Senators acknowledged that Missouri law (32.091) requires the Department of Revenue to "keep a record of each ... document filed with it" ?

I am a conservative, but as I read these stories, I am concerned that some of our Senators are (at best) not doing their homework before they speak. I would rather have true statesmen in Congress, not partisan hacks.


Observing 3 years ago on Missouri's Director of Revenue Resigns

Before we start calling for heads, let's make sure the Senators are being up front. The April 10th story about a "letter" provided by the Department to DHS indicates the Department, without complying with Real ID, increased the driver license security to strengthen its argument that DHS should not prohibit Missourians from boarding an airplane. (i.e. "it's not Real ID, but it's just as secure.") That sounds like a perfectly innocent intent to serve the citizens of Missouri.

The Senators conveniently left that part of the letter out of their descriptions. I really wonder whether the Senators are being totally honest with the people about this. Are they just trying to save face now?


Observing 3 years ago on Some state licensing steps meet Real ID

I listened to Sen. Schaefer's and the Speaker's comments about that letter the other day, and they both conveniently left out the parts mentioned by the Department in this article. If the Department's description of the letter is accurate, then it appears the Senators have sorely misrepresented the Department's actions and intent. Can the Tribune post a copy of that letter so we can verify whose description is more accurate?

I wonder if the Senators are the ones who need to be questioned.