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NTReader 3 years ago on Businesses back Kehoe plan to repay unemployment loan

What a horrible idea from someone with a fat wallet that will never have to worry about how to pay the ever-increasing utility bill or how to put food on the table. Kick em when they're down??? Way to go Kehoe (sarcasm intended)!


NTReader 5 years ago on Nuclear bill stalled in Missouri Senate

seeno- You are shopping for your payday loans in the wrong location. Our highest rate is $17 per $100 and less expensive options are available. And in all the years I have been here, I have never clubbed and dragged customers in off the street. There is no need. We provide a service. If you don't need it, great! But ask someone who gets charged nearly $30 or more per NSF and, in addition, a daily fee for being overdrawn if they think it's a valuable service and you might learn something. If there was no demand, we wouldn't be in business. We are an inexpensive alternative to banks' overdraft fees and/or late fees and over limit fees from the credit card companies, and even late fees on auto and home loans.


NTReader 5 years, 3 months ago on Fulton man sentenced in robbery

Just glad to see that this POSitively worthless criminal is finally headed to prison!