My2cents 4 years ago on Council OKs annexation plan of intent

I am all for the residents and properties in the Meadows by the Club subdivision becoming annexed if that is what they want. However, the annexation laws as currently written can force the annexation even if they are opposed to the idea. As for the businesses they have no voice in the election, either way. It also amuses me that the proposed area goes just far enough West to encompass these businesses. As for the undeveloped land in this area, how is it anything but a revenue grab since there are no services to be provided to said property.


My2cents 4 years, 1 month ago on Businesses express opposition to annexation

Another public meeting that I had not heard about?? Also, I can only imagine that these businesses would express opposition, since that really have no mechanism to fight the inevitable.


My2cents 4 years, 4 months ago on Small turnout for town hall on annexation

I just wonder how many people knew this meeting was scheduled? Also I wonder what time it was scheduled? I guess it is my bad for not subscribing to the paper, but I just wonder how well advertised these meetings really are?