Anna Ewers

Mwt1971 4 years, 5 months ago on Helias priest put on leave

What "long history of secrecy" is SNAP referring to? Is it too secretive to disclose? This is the first case I've ever heard of and I'm sure it's due to the incident in Kansas city. I have an office with 7 staff members. I have paid hundreds of dollars in tech fees because somebody clicked on an email link that made it through a spam filter. Dial it down a bit, folks. The diocese is doing exactly what it should in the interest of the public and the catholic community. How sad that so many are ready to convict based on the good faith TRANSPERANCY evidenced by the voluntary statement issued by the diocese. If the police feel there is even a hint of illegal activity, they will pursue this. If not, those of you so ready to pronounce guilt will simply have to take satisfaction in the fact that this person has been humiliated in the community he's served for decades. And more than likely will never again be allowed to serve the public because of this. Darn. That's not nearly as fun as a conviction, is it?