MrsLogic 2 years, 10 months ago on Animal shelter, vet sever ties

The chain of command goes like this: Police Chief -> Police Lieutenant -> Shelter Director -> Shelter Vet and assistants

The Police Lt decided that he didn't want to deal with the shelter as it was not "real police work" or maybe he's just lazy. That allowed the director to do as she darn well pleased, which included putting the vet in a position to lose her license. Why would a shelter director make it hard for the vet to do her job? Why would the director put her will above the will of the entire city of Jefferson and above the welfare of its animals? Because the director is a control freak who wanted the vet gone because the vet stood up to the director's abusive ways. The director is a bully and it is very plain to see.

The Police Lt doesn't like that the story has leaked and now he's called the vet's new job and created more drama there, possibly costing her the new position. Why would the Police Lt call the vet's new job and defame the vet if the Police Chief says everything is hunky-dory? Because the Police Chief and Lt both know the Police Lt is in the wrong and this could blow up and create problems for both of their careers so the way to maintain the status quo is sabotaging someone's else's career before it gets to them. Way to be model citizens and honest policemen, huh?

The entire chain of command should be investigated for wasting the taxpayers' time and money while putting animals' welfare in jeopardy. Shame on JCPD; shame on the director!