Motherof2 3 years, 10 months ago on Child-care cut may hit thousands

Ok I am a mother of 2 baby boys and they are my world! I would like to add something to this subject. JCLifer you really need to have all information before you decide to bash someone they way you are! I was in the same boat as 3DMom I was with a man that was very abusive not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It was not something that came about when we first got together it developed over a period of time after he had an accident. The abuse became worse and worse which YOU JCLifer will never understand unless you are in those spot. That was not a life I will chose to have my children subject to so yes after the last time that he broke my arm I decided it was time to leave because the counseling was not going to work! After I left he cleaned out all of my bank accounts I was not even allowed back in to my own home to get my childrens things and at the time this took place I was preg with our second child. So my son and I only had the clothes on our backs that we left with. I was thankful that I had family to turn to but it still was not going to pay the bills child care it not cheep by any means and when you have to do it on your own it is much harder I did NOT plan that to happen but I did in return have my boys that I cherish very much! I asked for help with child care for a month and was not able to receive it which made us even more tight with money and so it was hard for me to even find a sitter that would take my child that I would be able trust and not harm my child. He did not pay child support not one penny and even though it was court ordered they were unable to track him down so instead of receiving close to 650 a month I received nothing and did it 100% on my own he was more then 15,000.00 in back owed child support and as of today I still have nothing other then the pain in my body from when the weather changes and my beautiful baby boys which like I said are my WHOLE WORLD. I didnt receive any other help from the goverment but there are some families that truly need this and it will in return boil down to whether or not they will now be able to continue working because of this. Some people don't have the family support that I was able to have. Some people just need this for a tempoary basis when times like these arise.