Moblogger 5 years, 2 months ago on Panel asked to block automatic state worker union fees

Well if the state is broke how are they supposed to pay the benefits. What do people NOT understand about broke?


Moblogger 5 years, 4 months ago on Newspaper moves to metered online news

Work around to this Pay Wall Issue. All legal,free and only settings in your web browser. The easiest fix I found so far is using Opera Web Browser and setting it up with the Tribune as it's Home Page and rejecting all cookies,blocking all cookies from the Columbia Tribune and not allowing ANY pop ups. So far I can view any page,article,story I want to even after the ten article view limit is exceeded. This was the easiest I found yet. Oh their commenting is dramatically down but there are still a few hard core hold outs posting the same way they did before the Pay Wall went up. Oh and for those of you who think the above in unethical it is not my fault they have bogus web designers is it. I view hundreds of web news articles in a day and come across a lot of great web designers who know how to code their pages but there is always going to be holes in the coding no matter what that the changing of simple browser settings will allow you to use ie: exploit due to bad web design.

I think the best news online lay out I have seen with the Pay Wall featured software is this one right here!. It is a very balanced format that is fair to all.


Moblogger 5 years, 5 months ago on Newspaper moves to metered online news

On the Columbia Tribune Web Site:

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