MissouriTenth 4 years, 3 months ago on MoDOT chief apologizes for road conditions

They ought to be apologizing for the mess that MoDot's budget is leaving Missouri roadways period. Where's Missouri tax dollars going? More importantly, where's our Federal tax dollars going for the Interstate system that runs through our State? Cut the spending on trillion dollar overseas military operations, and Federal nanny-state programs!


MissouriTenth 4 years, 3 months ago on Mo. senator wants schools to get traffic fines

Red light cameras represent more big-government intrusion into our individual lives - thus discouraging any kind of personal responsibility. These cameras are everywhere, and I don't remember being asked if we wanted them watching me everywhere I go. But while giving money to Government school seems like a good idea - haven't we been forced to give them plenty of money already - all the while having schools that seem to grow worse all the time? Money doesn't seem to be fixing anything...

As for the police, we've gotta remember they work for us. We give them the power to enforce law and protect our community from criminal behavior. Yes, their job is to go after the "bad-guys", but we should encourage them to follow our Missouri constitution and the Bill of Rights. Missouri Tenth is currently working to implement a Missouri Constitutional Sheriff program, and has a number of resources you can share with your local sheriff. Find these at: missouritenth.com/mcs/


MissouriTenth 4 years, 3 months ago on Missouri House member proposes ethics legislation

We should expect more out of our leaders, as they work for us. But even despite the red-tape and political back-room deals - there's a few positive signs out there! See what legislation has been passed in Missouri for 2011, and is proposed for 2012. Want Missouri to be protected from Federal intrusion into our personal lives? See if your concern makes the list of what your elected officials think should be done. If it's not there, call them. It's up to us - we can impact meaningful change on our community. Check it out at: missouritenth.com/2012/01/14/current-nullification-efforts-in-missouri-2012/


MissouriTenth 4 years, 3 months ago on MissouriTenth

It's clear by Mr. Nixon's prior actions that he doesn't adhere to the Missouri Constitution, much less the Federal. We need a Governor who is going to protect Missouri and keep our State secure from the tyranny of Washington - regardless of whatever administration is in "power". Learn how to help restore truth and foundational law to our community Government at missouritenth.com