LuckNLove 3 years, 8 months ago on Romney now assails Obama on more than just economy

I'm just curious as to what Obama has said or done to make you think he wants to get rid of the middle class. And what makes you think any one president will be able to "Help" the middle class from becoming more broke? Raising minimum wage usually increases the cost of groceries, clothing, etc. Putting more of the tax burden on the "rich" increases the cost of such items. Providing social benefits comes with a price tag as well. I'm just curious to know the one thing anyone candidate can do for the economy?


LuckNLove 3 years, 8 months ago on State employees health rates staying same

It was quite a pay day… I almost got ten dollars more a week. 23 cent raise after fives, not bad, not bad at all. That is 4 cents a year... I'm be rich in no time.


LuckNLove 3 years, 8 months ago on Could tougher voting laws squelch the youth vote?

Just my two cents: It isn't going to be about photo ID, registration, etc... Young voters are going to expect to vote online... everything is online... that is what they will want; that is what they will expect.


LuckNLove 3 years, 8 months ago on Social Security not deal it once was for workers

A few things to laugh about:

"How can you get a better return on your Social Security taxes? Live longer. "

"The tax is applied to the first $110,100 of a worker's wages, a level that increases each year with inflation. "

"If you retired in 1960, you could expect to get back seven times more in benefits than you paid in Social Security taxes, and more if you were a low-income worker, as long you made it to age 78 for men and 81 for women... ... ... Even with low tax rates, Social Security could afford to pay benefits in the early years because there were more workers paying the tax for each person receiving benefits than there are today. In 1960, there were 4.9 workers paying Social Security taxes for each person getting benefits. "

--So where did all the money go? I don't see how this isn't sustainable...lmbo!


LuckNLove 3 years, 9 months ago on PSC, Ameren get earful of public comment at hearing

Unless, I'm mistaken, Jefferson City dosn't get their power from the Nuke Plant so I'm not really sure how adding another tower would lower rates for us...please explain.