LeoEinstein 3 years, 7 months ago on Romney: Chicago teachers turning backs on students

They probably have no AC because all the money got siphoned off into the hands of the Union Bosses and thus also Democrat campaigns. By the way MO4LIFE, where did you go to school? -


LeoEinstein 3 years, 11 months ago on Blair Oaks pays outgoing principal for summer school

Where is the rest of the story???

  1. The superintendent (can we assume with the boards blessing?) hires someone outside the district, on short notice, not familiar with any of the kids, to manage this summer school session. How much does that cost?

  2. Winslow is paid not only for her work to date, but also to be "on-call" right? Why not just let her complete the remainder of her contract and manage this last session?

  3. Never before have I seen the entire 'gaggle' of administrators (in obligatory professional dress) outside the school on opening day to assist with directing the youngsters. Are they now also receiving an additional stippend for 'helping'?

  4. Is the Blair Oaks district suddenly awash in extra money, that they can make such silly decisions? Is the current board competent to manage the district? or Do we need auditing and possible criminal investigation into the superintendent's mismanagement of taxpayer dollars?

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