Jim 3 years, 3 months ago on Our Opinion: No-smoking exemption invites public scorn

I saw this editorial on Combest a few minutes and let me make a few points. I spend much of the legislative session in the Capitol representating various clients. Other than a brief sojourn of stupidity in the 90's, I have always voted Republican.

But the legislature's unwillingness to do anything about smoking is outrageous. In this case the blame falls on John Diehl who was the sponsor of the resolution. Representative Diehl is known by many Capitol observers, including me, to be the kind of legislator that the general public hates. The kind of person that says the normal rules don't apply to me. The typical arrogant a attorney that the public hates. I like his views but everyone knows he is a partisan hack. No more no less. .

We can't smoke at my law firm. We can't even smoke on the grounds.

Don't make people like me who had a close family member die of lung cancer breathe this.

Lest anyone think this is partisan issue remember that the worst offender in the Capitol for years was Victor Callahan who was the Senate Minority Leader. He is a Democrat.