JeffersonCityNAACP 3 years ago on Speaker: NAACP needs to grow, re-activate

Hats off to Reverend Jackson! Thank you for GREAT remarks in your address to the Jefferson City Founders Day Prayer Breakfast! Thanks too to Solid Rock Family Church for your kind support and assistance in making this scholarship effort a success.

The Jefferson City NAACP promotes justice and equality for all.

Our meetings are on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6-7 PM and with rare exception, all of the meetings are in the Lincoln University Library room 117.


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If anyone has any concerns about the nature of the NAACP, the work the organization does to protect civil rights for Americans, or how they can learn more about the organization, please contact, come to any monthly meeting of the NAACP in Jefferson City, on the 3rd Monday of any month at the Lincoln University Library room 116.


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Civil rights atrocities have occurred in Missouri and some occur today. The difference being that today we as citizens have the legal ability to complain to the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, the Department of Justice, the EEOC some local bodies and some privately funded groups where violations of civil rights occur. Unfortunately, the Missouri legislature is working to restrict Missouri law in favor of allowing discrimination again. One can only wonder if the violent crimes and hateful conduct of the past was led to in some way by to the wide spread tolerance for discrimination at the time and in fact that it was legal on many levels. If you have not read HB 205 or SB 188 please read them today. They are the same and will likely be voted out of the legislature in the next 2 weeks. Missouri has been home to lynching’s, but it does not have to be the home of modern day racial intolerance, discrimination against women, the elderly, the disabled and other groups historically singled out for unfair treatment under the law. These bills do not represent the values we as Americans, Missourians, and humans embrace.