JeffCityYuppie 4 years, 3 months ago on Ownership of MSP, old St. Mary’s site at issue under Transformation

We may be low on the pay scale, but when all the tax payer paid benefits are figured in, Missouir ranks much higher. check your facts


JeffCityYuppie 4 years, 3 months ago on Transformation campaign addresses misconceptions

Mr. Woods, this issue is not about your campign. Are there any other issues you are running for city council on? It seems you are using this as a platform for your campaign. Let's think about this a minute. IF you are elected, and the transormation tax passes, you will have to support the inittiative as a council person. If you choose not to support it and it passes, you are going against the will of the people. Since the vote for the office you are running and the transformation tax votes are being cast simultaneously it doesnt really matter if you support it or not. It is not something you will have the chance to change IF elected. So why not tell the people of your ward what you DO intend to do. It seems as though you are using the dramatics of this issue to piggy back on to give you your 15 seconds of fame. Are you familiar with any other issues within our city government that you COULD do something about (if elected)?