Jcba 2 years, 11 months ago on Holts Summit agrees to extend sidewalk project

Now that I'm aware, thank you.

I just couldn't justify driving in holts summit at 30 mph to the last exit, spend money in that town and drive all they way back home when I'm being limited to what I can get in holts summit anyways.

I do withdraw my rudeness now that I'm aware that it isn't holts summits fault.


Jcba 2 years, 11 months ago on Holts Summit agrees to extend sidewalk project

This really bugs me! What Holt Summit NEEDS is an on and off ramp on the otherside of the overpass to summit drive. I lived a minute down that road for three years. When I needed gas, cigs, food, movies, or whatever, I drove to Jeff cause otherwise I would have to drive 30 mph down summit drive till I finally get to a shop of any use. ALWAYS GO 30 MPH, CAUSE THE COPS HERE ARE JACKS! Do you have any idea how much money holts summit would rank in if they would allow people back onto summit drive from the highway. People would go into holts summit for their daily needs instead of Jefferson City, which in turn GIVES HOLTS SUMMIT MORE MONEY IN TAX DOLLARS TO THEN LATER DO THIS SIDEWALK THING. Sidewalk, I mean really! How many people walk compared to the amount of angry drivers who can't take their exit cause there isn't one! Got to go all they way past Columbia's on ramp just to turn around and go back.

If your confused, just go drive to holts summits third exit and turn around. Now try to get onto summit drive going towards the bridge....

That winery is opening soon if it hasn't already... If the owner wants more business, holts summit needs to offer easier ways to get to the winery, aka on and off ramps on the other side of the overpass! This wouldn't be that hard, and it would bring business to holts summit!

Which I'd say that winery would be somewhat of a big portion of holts summits taxes... Why are you not trying to please your biggest customer holts summit?

I avoided any type of sale in holts summit cause they don't deserve the taxes if they won't do something for the people living there... Jefferson City try's really hard to give you access to anywhere and everywhere! Holts summit needs to learn if they want to grow or make more money.....

Sad thing when an on and off ramp is whats stopping your town from getting extra business!